Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So.... tonight was my third Zumba class.  I still feel like I have two left feet and that I'm moving like my body is stuck in quick sand but I am feeling the burn.  Yesterday I went to my first Yoga class in a long time **the last one I went to was the day before my wedding which was March 19th of 2005** My legs, back, abs, stomach, neck are very sore but I'm not quitting.  I'm finding the hardest part of this is cutting back my calories. It's hard being diabetic and cutting your food intake. I really hate the shaky queasy feeling I get when my blood sugar drops too low.  I'm doing my snacks and meals but the calories are still up there.  Maybe I should go back and see a dietician...

I am determined to do this - I am determined to not give up - I am determined to see results - I am determined.

The thing that is helping me the most with my food is to think about what a friend said about fast food and sugar.  Would you eat rat poison?  No, because it makes you sick and could kill you!  SO why would you eat fast food and sweets if it can do the same thing? I am choosing not to.  I want to have better health.  My favorite poem is "When I grow old I'll wear purple".  I WANT to grow old, I want to be mobile, take care of myself, be able to chase my grandchildren around the garden, sit on my own front/back patio and enjoy the sunsets and to be honest with the weight and health I am right now I probably wont.... that is a harsh reality.  I guess tonight was a night of introspection on my part.  I chose to do and be different for the benefit of ME. 

Tomorrow I will get up do my morning yoga - eat a sensible breakfast - play with the girls and then after they leave for the day get in my car and go to another Yoga class in the hopes that I AM making a difference and putting money in my proverbial old age good health piggy bank. 

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Good for you!