Monday, March 7, 2011


I wish that I could say that I was too busy to blog yesterday but the truth is I was just too lazy.  Yesterday morning we got up around eight a.m. David's sister Kari and her two children Dylan and Maryn from Tx. spent the night after Saturdays parade.  I was surprised how calm everyone was. Yeah the play room was a mess for a bit but they actually cleaned up the entire thing themselves; I was astounded to say the least.

We were supposed to have brunch at my house but because David's parents and their house guests (Aunt Susan - Uncle Rocky - cousins Ashely and Scott) were still asleep we went over there to have brunch and do birthday cake.  It's hard to believe another year has passed and Mike David's dad is a year older; time really does seem to be flying by.  After birthday cake and quick farewells we went back to the house for naps (Allie and I anyway) David was watching his ESPN and loving the quiet time. 

I have to admit that I adore Sunday afternoons with no obligations it seems like more times than not we have a birthday party - church function of "something" to do that seems to cut our weekend just an inch shorter.  So, yesterday was a pleasant surprise. I got to watch my Lifetime Movie Network,  Allie got to play in the re-arranged playroom with her Mardi Gras loot and in the betweens we got laundry and household chores more or less finished. 

I found myself leisurely pursing magazines, calling Mama to check on her weekend, looking online at patio furniture with David etc... it was just plain nice! I can honestly say that Monday didn't come too soon. It came when it was supposed to and I was refreshed and ready to greet it head on. 

After some thought I have come to the conclusion that Mondays aren't bad it's Sundays that we let escape us without relishing them for what they are supposed to be that gets us!

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samfran08x3 said...

Sunday is hands down my favorite day if the week. Even if is followed by manic monday cause in nursing school mondays are manic lol. Im glad you had such a wonderful weekend